I Will—The Power of Public Commitments

You can influence a person’s future behavior by asking for a commitment and then waiting for them to give it. Making a commitment, however small, puts “skin in the game.” A commitment now will influence behavior later. People want to act in ways that are consistent with what they have already said or done.

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Keeping Stakeholder Relationships On Course

Managing stakeholder expectations can feel like steering a boat through rough seas. The “seascape” surrounding your project is constantly changing. The project is moving full steam ahead under its own power. Corporate politics blow from different directions with varying intensity. Resource availability may buoy the project up or cause it to crash on the rocks. [...]

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Keeping Stakeholder Relationships On Course, Part 2

Part 1 of this article introduced a process for identifying stakeholders, analyzing their impact on the project and setting a strategy for each stakeholder group. Here I will discuss how to plan communication actions to influence stakeholders. Plan Communication Actions Once you have set a strategy for each stakeholder group, you need to identify communication actions [...]

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