Claxus is powered by an international
network of experts in business leadership, communication and change management.


Claxus is powered by an international network of experts in leadership, communication and change management.

Mark Milotich

Claxus is led by founder Mark Milotich. Mark works with a hand-picked network of partners to deliver excellent results for clients.

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and facilitator, Mark has been inspiring audiences for over 20 years. His no-nonsense approach translates research into practices that enable individuals and organizations to be the best they can be.

Mark challenges people to question the status quo, generate alternatives and engage in “small experiments” to find ways for improvement. He is a flexible thinker, quickly able to discern the “sense of the meeting” and adapt his approach accordingly.

He energizes people to put knowledge into action to overcome obstacles and reap benefits for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Mark lives with his wife Ute near Munich.

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since 2015Principal, Claxus Management Consulting, Munich, Germany
2006 – 2018Founder and Managing Partner, Claxus GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
since 2013Guest Lecturer, Intercultural Communication, Swissmem Academy, Winterthur, Switzerland
2010 – 2013Guest Lecturer, International Management, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland
2001 – 2006Management Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland
1995 – 2001Managing Director, Strategic Management Group, Inc., Philadelphia, USA and Munich, Germany
1988 – 1994Studies in Psychology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan, USA

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