On Gifts and Giving

According to Wharton Professor Adam Grant, it’s time to rethink the common notion that “nice guys” finish last. More often, they finish first! Grant’s research shows how givers—people who do more for others than they expect in return—rise in organizations. But not all givers succeed equally.

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The Language of Leaders

The language of leaders is we. Psychologist James Pennebaker shows how little words like "I", "we", and "the" reveal much about our relationships, honesty, and social status. The results are not what you might expect!

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Learning to Have a Difficult Conversation

Tom Truly is project manager on a project that has recently missed a deadline and lost a key customer. Sarah, the project sponsor, has called a meeting to discuss progress. Sarah has been under pressure from senior management to "fix" the high-visibility project. She is angry that Tom didn't inform her in advance about the [...]

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